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Sekai De Hitotsu Dake No Hana ~

Billboards in Kelantan are unique. Before putting up things...
...first you need to check out the local sensitivity and rules.
A carefully placed set of words alone is the best bet..
...besides putting photos of your commodities..
Human figure in mind? Children are basically easier to "handle".
..or modest-looking adult male model would also do fine..
If male is lame, female form is another alternative..
..provided if they are properly portrayed..
..and if one is l-one-ly, you can still go both !

Sekai De Hitotsu Dake No Hana !! *

Guys, trust me, you won't find billboards of this kind anywhere else in Malaysia !
(I am not sure about Terengganu tho, but I don't think so ~ )

Indeed a somewhat culturally independant and uniquely cultured state in the Malaysian Federation.

And to be honest, I am proud of how things are in Kelantan !

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Nota Lutut:
And look what happened when people "played loose" with the "billboard etiquettes" ~

Semi-naked models drive motorists to distraction

LONDON (Reuters) - Almost a quarter of motorists admit they have been so distracted by roadside billboards of semi-naked models that they have dangerously veered out of their lane.

In research released on Monday, one in five male drivers said their eyes were diverted from the road by posters of scantily clad women -- such as the saucy cleavage shots of model Eva Herzigova in her notorious adverts for Wonderbra.......

Different source, same story :

Cached by Google

** in case if you are wondering what "Sekai De Hitotsu Dake No Hana" means,
it is actually a song title ( literally " The One and Only Flower in The World " ) by a Japanese pop group called " SMAP ". Onced voted the best song in Japan for the year 2003, the song starts with

"... Nambaa Wan ni naranakute mo ii motto motto tokubetsu na Only One..."
( There's no need to be No. 1, you've always been a very special only one. ).

The whole song is in fact a some sort of "advice" that being the first (or No.1) is not the goal since everyone can't be No.1 but being special and unique is. A quality which is to me, suits Kelantan very nicely.

Namba- wan ni naranakutemo ii
There's no need to be No. 1
motto motto tokubetsu na Only One
you've always been a very special only one.

Hanaya no misesaki ni naranda ironna na hana wo miteita
I saw many kinds of flowers lined up in front of the flowershop.
Hito sorezore konomi wa aru kedo dore mo minna kirei da ne
everyone has their favorite kinds but all of them are pretty.
Kono naka de dare ga ichiban da nante arasou koto mo shinai de
Without competing to see which was the best among them,
Baketsu no naka hokorashige ni chanto mune wo hatteiru
they were standing straight up proudly inside the bucket.

Sore na no ni bokura ningen wa doushite kou mo kurabetagaru?
So why then do we humans have to compare ourselves to one another?
Hitori hitori chigau no ni sono naka de
Eventhough each and every person is different,
ichiban ni naritagaru?
why do we want to be number one?

Sou sa bokura wa
Yes we are each..

sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana
a flower unlike any other in the world
Hitori hitori chigau tane wo motsu
and each and everyone of us carries a different seed
Sono hana wo sakaseru koto dake ni isshokenmei ni nareba ii
We should focus all our efforts on trying to make that flower bloom.

Get the whole lyric (along with the translation) HERE and a sample of the song HERE (mouse right click & "save target as". Note: Low quality audio sample due to storage limit).

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