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Tegak kami di makam sepi ~

The Langgar Mausoleum as in 1905
The present day "Makam D'Raja Langgar"
The historical Masjid Langgar seen from the cemetery
Masjid Langgar : From another angle
White structure on the right is for recently deceased Sultans
Carved wooden panels typical to the Kelantanese
The tallest building in Kelantan seen from Langgar
Spare "Singgora Roof Tile"s, left unattended
Graveyard outside the main mausoleum
The Sultan Muhammad 1's tomb
A tomb belongs to Pattani prince & princess
Tombs in the main mausoleum
The tomb of the founder of Kelantan Sultanate, Long Yunus..
..the one with the termite mound is Long Yunus's
..kullun nafsin zaa ikatul maut..

A visit to the Langgar Royal Mausoleum

The Langgar Royal Mausoleum is a special cemetery meant for the Kelantanese Malay Aristocrats and their families to "physically" reside after their death.

Located in Langgar or Kampung Langgar in Kota Bharu and can be reached either from Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra or Jalan Dusun Muda. The mausoleum is as old as history could remember.

It is the "home" for the past Kelantan's Sultans and their families, for the early 18th century founder of the present day Kelantanese Royal Court, even for a few of descendants from the Old Court of Pattani Sultanate ( intermarriage, escapees from the Siamese onslaught ).

Tombs here are mostly adorned with huge marble and granite slabs along with elaborate floral motives and carvings, which reflect the social status of the deceased. The carvings themselves reflect the long forgotten art of the Kelantanese stonemasons' craftmanship.
As for the mausoleum in general, either because it is maybe somewhat a "forbidden" site or simply a "bad taste" for tourism, thus I don't think that it is currently a tourist attraction.

However, no matter how powerful you were or how grand your tomb decorations will be, in Islam, onced you died, all earthly belongings you earned will not join you to the grave.
It is between you and God the Almighty, and what will decide your fate in the afterlife are the good deeds ( and also the bad deeds ) and prayers from the living.

As mentioned in a famous Hadith by Prophet Muhammad ( P.B.U.H ) :


When a man dies, nothing lives on after him, except for three things: sadaqah jariyah (continuing charity),* knowledge which can benefit others, others or virtuous offspring who will pray for him.

(From Hadith of Al-Bukhari and Muslim on the authority of Abu Hurayrah)

* that is his charity, the benefit of which continues even after the donor has passed away, such as the building of a bridge or a hospital, or the digging of a well etc..

So, why Langgar this time ?

Hari Raya is around the corner..

Therefore, tomb cleaning would be a great idea during this time of the year.. So, together with a brother of mine, I went to the cemetery, doing everything we could to enlighten up our late ayahanda's tombstone ~ of marble, already showing sign of worn from tropical rain and heat.

We knew that cleaning up the tomb would do nothing for our late father's afterlife but at least by doing this, we would prove ourselves that our hearts will always be with him ~ in our prayer..

Al - Fatihah to my late father...

Nota Lutut:

Berkenaan Kepimpinan :


Umar Al-Khattab R.A ketika diangkat menjadi pemimpin ( Amirul Mukminin ) dilaporkan telah berkata di hadapan rakyat jelata :

" Aku dan kamu ini tiada bezanya. Aku cuma lebih pada soalan yang aku bakal jawab di depan Tuhan nanti. Jika aku benar, taatilah aku. Jika aku menyimpang, luruskanlah aku dengan pedangmu. "

Wallahu a'laam..


( Bawak bertenang sedara.. puasa belum habis lagi maaa... Raya raya jugak ~ mati jangan lupa .. )

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