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By: RaY KinZoKu

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Sunday, 28-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Kereta Oh Kereta : Dari Jepun ke Malaysia...

Checklist dr MITI for AP application
Helaian ke-2 checlist
Contoh surat masuk U
Cth Surat bukti masuk & tamat blaja dr penaja
Borang JK69
Penterjemah DBP yg boleh confirm translation
Contoh Jibaiseki yg dah translated (ada chop confirmed)
Contoh Shaken yg dah translated (ada chop confirmed)
Massho Toroku Shomeisho (Cancellation Cert. )
Contoh cara kira tax
Kokusai Menkyo..emm pastikan masih sah masa balik...hehhehe
Since there were requests from certain ppl berkenaan proses bawa pulang kenderaan dr Jepun, I decided to post this topic, khas utk kohai yg berangan2 nak bawak balik kereta. Nih baru starting, nanti banyak lagi akan menyusul sbg pedoman dr yg telah lalui kepada yang bakal melalui ...

"Every single man or woman who has stood their ground, everyone who has fought an agent has died. But where they have failed, you will succeed."

(Note: Morpheus talking to Neo in The Matrix )

Different with this case,
the likeness of the "agent" above, in this case will be those ppl trying to get your attention to use their service to bring your car back to Malaysia, u may or may not hire or depend on them (to some extent), but the most important thing is u must be careful and do business with them wisely. What I am trying to share with you from now on might be useful in drawing your own route as they are based on what those before you had "fought" (experienced) and had "failed" (mistakes done which cost precious time + money),

"But where they have failed, you will succeed " ...

(Sebarang pertanyaan / request, sila ajukan di ruangan komen or private message)

Background Song : Squall by Matsumoto Eiko

(a song actually by Fukuyama Masaharu, given new breath by Matsumoto Eiko)


It has been four (4) years since I left Japan and it has been four (4) years since these information, proved workable.

I have no idea what are the current regulations and requirements or anything related to it. One thing for sure, after all those years, I doubt mine is still relevant. Note that, I AM NOT in this " industry " ...

So, my dear visitors,
you can freely refer my notes or post questions here if you wish to do so ...

but I won't answer or entertain the latter, any more ...

Go ryoushou kudasai .... 

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