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Distinctively KeLaTte : Nasik Tuppae


Distinctively KeLaTté :

Nasik Tuppae


Some people say that it came about during the Japanese occupation,

created by the locals upon seeing the invading soldiers of The Rising Sun

marching south, winning the Malayan Campaign with their ONIGIRI kick !!

I dont know how far this is true, but I do know one thing for sure,

that this thing called Nasik Tuppae is undeniably, distinctively ... KeLaTté !!


Meet Nasik Tuppae !

Yes, you pronounced it right, as long as it sounds " Nuh-seek Toop-pae " ...

... and not Nasi Tumpang or even God forbids, Nasi Tumpeng !

I hate the " bahasa surat " rendition of it = "Nasi Tumpang" as much as I hate " Etok " as " Etak " as it is not the way the Kelantanese naturally pronounce it, and since it might also be easily confused with the famous Indonesian "Nasi Tumpeng" which is totally of different nature ! *

* Nanti tak pepasal plak ada orang menari Tarian Pendet depan Kedutaan Malaysia sambil junjung Nasi Tumpeng .... Ayyooo !!

Needless to say, Nasik Tuppae is a well known, distinctively Kelantanese packed meal, sold at roadside or hawker's stalls, meant as takeaways and to be eaten casually on many occasions, both leisure and formal.

It is actually a simple serving of slightly over-cooked white rice ( not burnt but softened ), packed tightly while still piping hot into a cone-shaped banana leaf wrapping, then topped or packed in between, with either curried fish, shrimp or meat, with occasional additions of hard-boiled egg, omelette or meat-floss ( sambaa ikae / sambaa daging = serunding ! ) which later carefully wrapped ..... that, when unwrapped, often much later, would reveal a rice cake appearance with layers of meat, egg, fish or shrimp, dotted with bits of the appetizing " serunding " ...

The interesting thing about this particular, uniquely Kelantanese fare is that Nasik Tuppae is a " Nasik Tuppae " only when it comes in its signature appearance i.e. in its readily mixed, "compressed" cone-shaped form, that should never, I repeat, NEVER be compromised as to be served separately like that of Nasi Campur or even Nasi Lemak .. Plus, the texture of the rice should always be like that of " nasi himpit " ( or " nasik kapeik " in Kelantanspeak ) i.e simply put, in cake form and never grainy as the latter is often considered a " failed " Nasik Tuppae by its connoisseur.

Unfortunately, I am not a great fan of Nasik Tuppae .... he he ~ *

* Don't ask why, but most importantly, I am sure that doesn't make me less Kelantanese !

Ha ha ha ... Kor guano, boh ?

However, out of sheer respect for this culinary treasure of Kelantan ..

... I am dedicating this entry to all Nasik Tuppae lovers out there be it my fellow Kelantanese, in or outside Kelantan, in the country or abroad and also to non-Kelantanese ( and pseudo Kelantanese as well ! ) who share the same passion for this particular dish and who have heard of it but still has no idea what the thing really is, and of course, above all ... as a special tribute to the wonderful Nasik Tuppae itself !

Dengan ucapan, lindungilah Nasik Tuppae kito !!

( so that we don't have to do the Pendet for it one day .. hehehe ~ )

* Wrapped and unwrapped ...

What Nasik Tuppae looks like when carefully unwrapped.

Notice the texture of the rice. This is the authentic, standard look and feel of it.

The above serving is comprised of layers of, from left to right, " sambaa ikae ", curried fish ( Bonito ) and
curried shrimp. There is also a slice of hard boiled egg tucked somewhere in between the fish and shrimp,
but remained hidden in this shot.

* At a small Nasik Tuppae party ...

.. enjoyed together with sticks of Sate, buns and Nasik Kapeik ( extreme right hand side ) to their own likings !

Do compare the rice of Nasik Kapeik with that of Nasik Tuppae ..


12 March 2007 : " Nasik Dagae Dalae Klosong "

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