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( 6 ) KELATTE : Jalae ~ Jalae Carghi Makae



Jalae ~ Jalae Carghi Makae :

From Kelantan To Lembah Klang

* the 6th installment of " KELATTE : Jalae ~ Jalae Carghi Makae " episode ..

* Previous episodes ... HERE


" Kelantanese Diaspora "

A subject once emphasized by Sir Hugh Clifford, now toyed by warring politicians ....

Whatever the causes or whatever the outcomes, I only care about one thing ..

They made all the Kelantanese culinary delights once confined to the Motherland

to be within easy reach beyond the border, even in the strangest places like Lembah Klang

so that their own kind and occasional Kelantanese visitors like me,

would always feel like home !


* In the eyes of the beholder, only one word stood among the rest ....

Snapped from the inside of a barber shop somewhere in Gombak, Selangor, the letters
that formed " Kelantan " appeared to be distorted as it was only meant to be read from the outside.

However, one thing that can be read clearly from any given direction is the owner's
Kelantanese pride, the sheer spirit of solidarity associated with it or maybe just
a simple innocent move to attract the attention of would be customers among many
other Kelantanese who also live and work in and around Gombak, the traditional
" notorious " stronghold of Kelantanese diaspora in Lembah Klang ...

Realising that, I would often, in my casual conversations with friends, jokingly address
" Gombak " as " Jajahan Gombak ", especially when in the company of fellow Kelantanese ...

No, I would not touch on the so called " Kelantanese Diaspora ".

Currently working and living in Kelantan, I am in no position at all to discuss or even write about it. I have no clue !

What I am currently interested in at the moment is the Kelantanese gastronomic pleasures that travelled along with it, particularly concerning the area of Lembah Klang, or as most of us would generally refer simply as " Kuala Lumpur " - the main focus of the Kelantanese presence outside the Che Siti Wan Kembang's dominion.

Spending most of my time in Kelantan, I rarely go down to the valley where the Nation's capital sits. But if I do, and when it comes to eating out, unadventurous as it might seem, I always go for anything that got to do with Kelantanese or anything similar, like those catered by our Pattani Malay cousins ... be it a la Thai or those featuring authentic Kelantanese kampung dishes ..

Don't mean to parochial nor to be rudely judgemental, but I have to say that apart from Mamak, Kelantanese eateries really seem to control the Halal eating-out section of the metropolis. Despite of their sheer presence, I don't go for Mamak. First, for the ever going Halal and quality issues they have and the issues concerning my own palate which, apart from their Nan and Roti(s), never did go well with their spicy presentation. I am not into the West Coast traditional Malay treats either, for their " pedah nyo'ngaek ", the lack of variety, and the rather plain taste of most of their dishes .. he he he .. wait, don't shoot me, it's a personal view based on personal preference ! Well, I do find Tempe much enticing though ... eh heh .. will that compensate ?

In fact, I am for something less spicy, a fine and perfectly tuned, mutually " intelligible " combination of sweet and sour with a tad salty touch, maybe creamier here and there but not always have to be so. Soupy broth rather than creamy. Of very simple but surprisingly enjoyable. Aromatic. Herbal fragrance. Things that I often found in Thai, Indo-Chinese, in some East Asians and of course Kelantanese style of cooking, if you see what I mean ...

Kuala Lumpur nowadays, is in fact a haven for Kelantanese fare.

From the typical Kelantanese breakfast of Nasik Kerghabu and Nasik Berlauk to the rarer lunch and dessert treats like " Sotong Masak al Nero di Seppia " ( Sutong Masok Hitae daaa .. ha ha ~ ) and kuih Akok ...

From my short visits, I learned that some Kelantanese operated eateries in Kampung Baru and around Chow Kit, are among those heavily and frequently hunted by the " overseas " Kelantanese .. I know a well frequented Ikae Singgae Stall at Chow Kit. I also know a famous Kelantanese restaurant at Pantai Dalam. I found the Ayae Golek at Kampung Kerinchi a personal favourite as I really enjoy such simplicity .. While the dishes served at Kampung Baru, like that of MZ Darulnaim, although not really suiting to my likings, unlike those of " Kedaa ppalo ghertock Salor " or " Nasik Ulae Cikgu " back home, but for a place like Kuala Lumpur, their localized presentations are already worth more than a praise !

Of course, I do realise that there are actually a lot more out there in and around Kuala Lumpur, with quite a few I am already aware of while the rest continue to remain elusive from my senses. Townships next to Kuala Lumpur, like Shah Alam, Gombak or even Bangi are said to be teaming with good Kelantanese eateries, serving rare Kelantanese goodies. Most are yet to be explored !

The following shots are what I managed to get from my recent visit. Not much, perhaps enough for this simple insight. Just some personal " mentekedarah " shots at Ayam Golek Kampung Kerinchi and MZ Darulnaim of Kampung Baru.

Regarding this, I believe that my dear readers are also eager to share their own personal favorite(s), so please do throw something into the comment box below ... Who knows that I might fall within your preferences too ? He he ~

Last but not least,

thank you Allah for the Kelantanese in Lembah Klang !

He he he ~

( Again, don't shoot me ! )

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