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Monday, 30-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Nippon ReVisited : ~ Natsukashii Ano Koro ~

I used to cycle along this road to school..
..this used to be my "house"..
..funny, after 5 months, my old fridge still there... "name-plate" had gone, the place seems still empty..
..It seems that Tani (Ise's course-mate) still there ! Surprise!
..and my University, the leaves turn golden yellow in autumn...
..another view...
..the famous West Gate of Kinki University..
..seen from outside..
..and a little bit further away.. lecturer's room was dark at the time I went to see him..
..btw, the parking lot had turned into a convenience store..
..onced a vegetable plots, now a new shop.. Indian Restaurant, next to the West Gate and Halal too...
..meanwhile, my junior just got a car..
..the proud owner, the guy at the right => Fly..
..a Nissan Silvia S14 Turbo..
..see the Turbo meter? ..
..with spoiler attached, quite shaky ride..
"Natsukashii Ano Koro", or simply and closely translated, " Oh, those nostalgic days.." A day before I took my flight back to Malaysia, I took a Shinkansen (Bullet Train) northward, from Fukuyama (in Hiroshima-ken) to Shin-Osaka (in Osaka-fu).. No, I dont skip work but it happened that my work ended on Friday and I took the train early Saturday morning and my flight was on Sunday, from Kansai Airport which is in Osaka.. Higashi Osaka (in Osaka, literally means "East Osaka") was the city where I went to school for 3 years, and just returned back to Malaysia about 5 months ago.. Only 5 months huh? I expected that Higashi Osaka will stay the same as 5 months ago at the time I reach there but I was wrong. For a well developed country like Japan, "sitting still" is a waste of precious time and money and then I started to realise that life in Japan moves with a great pace, faster than that of Malaysia... Looks like the "cash" in Japan really got distributed very well among the people..No wonder, there are many middle class ppl in Japan than the upper and lower class..emm.. So, I was in Higashi Osaka for a day, went to my old school, met and went out with my juniors, little shopping at a nearby 100 yen shop & discount store and of course, played with some emotions, leftovers of my bygone days...

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