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Nippon ReVisited : ~ Shokuji ~

The Hotel prepared an "emergency-bento" for me..
..Tenpura Teishoku: It's on my boss..
..morning breakfast at the Hotel..
.. Sanuki Udon with Chikuwa-ten..
..Tenpura Sanuki Udon, love this one.. at a restaurant..
..Unagi-Juu & Soba, really love this one..
..another Hotel breakfast..
How to eat a Sake Onigiri...
..see the instrution & strip no. 1 ...
..after stripping the centre off..
..pull the plastic wrapping both side..
..and finally, you get an Onigiri ! ..
..the Smoked Salmon (Sake) fillings.. yummy...
..emm another Hotel Breakfast ! ..
.. The Bentou ( Packed Rice dish)..
..with Smoked Salmon, Chikuwa-ten, Seaweed, Konyaku & Pickles..
..special dinner set with sashimi (raw fish), tenpura & yogurt.. was dinner with my bosses..
..and the raw fish came from here ! ...
..lunch at my work place..
..another day, quite the same lunch set.. emm...
.. Baamiyan ! A famous family restaurant in Japan..
..btw, the day before, I had Ten-don (rice topped with tenpura).
..and the famous "bentou" shop..
..however, despite the treats,instant noodles never failed me !!
.."Shokuji" is a Japanese word translated roughly as "meal" or "food".. These are some photos of what I ate during my short stay (10 days to be exact) in Japan.. As a Muslim, it is required and compulsory for me to observe some dietary rules and what I showed you here are some dishes that I strongly believe, lawful (halal) to eat according to Islamic rites.. Well, quite a gastronomical challenge though, but I love Japanese food, the Japanese cuisines prepared in Malaysia are not as good as the original ones, I mean, the ones in Japan which I found richer in variety (d`oh, of course !), much more delicious and quite...unique !

* Tenpura Teishoku => Tenpura Set. Tenpura is, deep fried seafood (fish or prawn), longbean, lotus root, sweet potato, pumpkin, Oba leaves etc, served with a special soy-based souce, often comes together with a bowl of rice and pickles.. and sometimes "sashimi" (raw flesh, mainly seafood)..
* Sanuki Udon => a type of Udon (thick Japanese noodle) served in hot or cold soup and often topped with Tenpura. The Sanuki Udon is famous in Kagawa-ken, in the island of Shikoku, and in the nearby area and people around Japan are said to come to Kagawa, just for the cuisine..
* Sake Onigiri => Sake or Shake, means "Salmon" ie a fish. "Onigiri" is a lightly salted or non-salted, ball of rice, but most of the time, comes in tringular shape, often wrapped with a sheet of dried,seasoned "nori" (an algae-like seaweed)..
Sake Onigiri simply means "ball of rice filled with Smoked Salmon"
* Unagi Juu => Or also called "Unagi Don", Unagi is a type of eel, or known in Malay as "Ikan Linang" ( Anguilla spp.) The eel, filleted nicely and grilled with a special sauce, cut into smaller parts and placed on top of the rice thus giving it the name, "kasaneru" (or in this case it reads "Juu") means "placed on top"..
* Bentou => a Japanese version for the Malaysian "Nasi Bungkus" ie rice dish with selectable set of "lauk" (fish, meat etc) packed in a plastic or paper box.
* Sashimi => flesh, mainly fish or other seafood, sliced nicely into thin, small portion, served fresh with soy-sauce. Most Japanese restaurant will try their best to express the freshness of their food to the customer, to an extent that they will pick a live fish from the aquarium, slice its flesh neatly without touching the fish central nervous system and let the fish wriggles on the plate, minus the FLESH! So, what do u think, huh ?

By the way, no "sushi" in the photos because I am tired of it.. ( hhee..but I still love it, my personal favorites are ebi-ten, ika-ten, kani, makizushi, unagi, ebi, ika, inari-zushi, however I try not to eat the raw fish due to health reasons)

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