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FILLER ENTRY : Tock Sekkor Skeik Ghabouk !



Tock Sekkor Skeik Ghabouk !

When things happened or came about unexpectedly ...

... Kelantanese tend to say " Tock Sekkor Skeik Ghabouk ! ".

Like the monsoon rain that poured heavily on the East Coast last Thursday.

In Kelantan alone, the downpour spurred rare flash floods on the northern plain and in the interior, swelled the Kelantan River and its tributaries, pouring murky water into the kampungs along the riverbanks, in a matter of 24 hours. Everyone was caught by surprise, even the authorities in charge of the situation were taken off guard by the watery blitzkrieg, as normally, heavy torrential monsoon rain would begin around the end of November up until the end of December, along with the much anticipated seasonal flood.

Well, thankfully, the heavy rain lasted for only about 2 days, not enough to generate large scale flooding like it was 5 years ago, and Kota Bharu, along with other high-risk towns along the river were basically spared - at least for now ...

( except for some areas in Jajahan Pasir Mas and Jajahan Tumpat, those along Sungai Golok, which were quite serious ... )

Needless to say, it was the first monsoon flood of the season ... that came way earlier than usually anticipated and of course, there would still be more to come.

Tock Sekkor Skeik Ghabouk !

* The Jambatan Sultan Yahya Petra at 5.01 meters ( 7 Nov, 1600 hrs ) ....

... and the same bridge when it was 0.8 meters in May 2009 ( second image ).

Note :

Normal level at Jeti Kastam, the main measuring point in Kota Bharu, is defined at
1 meter. Alert Level is set at 3 meter, Warning at 4 meter and Danger at 5 meter.

By 5.1 meter, water from the river will start flowing into low lying areas in Kota Bharu.
In the town itself, places like Kubang Pasu, Jalan Post Office Lama, Sungai Budor,
Sungai Keladi and Jalan PCB are among the first to be affected.

By 5.4 meter, some people will start considering moving to a higher place. Those living
in house on stilts or multi-storey, would stay put or move their stuffs to the upper floor.

At 5.9 meter, some people would find refuge at relief centres while the rest of Kota
Bharu would took to the flooded streets of Jalan Wakaf Mek Zainab, Jalan PCB, Jalan
Post Office Lama and other adjacent streets for the annual Monsoon Fiesta !

( Monsoon Fiesta = the Kelantanese equivalent of Terengganu Monsoon Cup, only
much better as it caters to the whole masses ( and not just to some cash-laden tycoons
with millions of RM sailing boat ) and the entry is regardless of what type of vessels they
own, from fiber glass boats to rakit batang pisang .. eheheh ~ sarcasm intended )

Oh yes, by 6.5 meters and above, it would be safe to assume that Kota Bharu is the
new Venice of The East ...

( the Big Flood of 2004 was measured at 7 meters ! )

Then, it was Piala Malaysia Final on the 7 November 2009.

Despite the flood, the die-hards managed to scurry their way out of Kelantan and appeared at the other side of the Peninsular for the final showdown between Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan. The last time Kelantan made to the final was in 1970, that was 39 years ago and to make it worse, Kelantan never won any !

It was Saturday and luckily, the sky was clearing up, and the river was slowly draining away its excess load into the South China Sea. Since Kota Bharu is located close to the sea, it would be normal to expect surge in water level ( even if the sky is perfectly clear over head ) as the rain water collected deep in the interior finally reaches the state capital, raising the level to a certain point before gradually returning to normal again. The highest for the weekend was measured at 5.17 meters, at 0700 hrs on the morning of 7 Nov, at Jeti Kastam aka Tambatan DiRaja, the famous measuring point in Kota Bharu.

Ironically, by the time the water receded to 4.75 meter, Kelantan was losing to Negeri Sembilan at Bukit Jalil, 3 to nil ~ ! Ironic, as the receding water seems to signal the dying fighting spirit of the Red Warriors. Didn't expect that the score turned out horrifyingly for Kelantan as it would be much more honourable if the game ended with Kelantan losing by only one goal to its opponent ...... rather than 3 to1 ... eheh .. ... ( Kelantan's only goal was acquired just minutes before the game ended, again ironically, when most of the supporters had left stadium in " protest " ~ ).

Everyone was hoping that Kelantan would bring the Cup home for the first time in history. With all the enthusiasm and red draped supporters occupying up to almost two thirds of the available seats in the stadium, the Kelantan team appeared invincible enough to carve history and victory seemed only 90 minutes away. With all these, who would have thought that the game would end with Kelantan being " terribly " mowed by Negeri Sembilan ? Eheh ~

To many hopeful Kelantanese, that includes me, the game was unexpectedly disappointing and it was .......

.... Tock Sekkor Skeik Ghabouk, nah !

He he he ~ ( nah is added for more gravity )

* " Tock Sekkor Skeik Ghabouk, weeeihh ~ ! "

Source : Utusan Malaysia, Front Page, Saturday 7 Nov 2009.

The next morning, I woke up for my weekly Nasik Berlauk hunting.

It was Sunday i.e. workday in Kelantan but the State Government was generous enough to declare the 8 Nov day, a special holiday ( cuti peristiwa ) for Kelantan very very rare appearance in the final ... yay !

So, I went to a pasar in the cultural heart of Kelantan. Dropped by at different stalls to get some groceries and stuffs first before heading to a Nasik Berlauk stall and ordered a few packs of takeaways from a Mokchik who was already busy tending to the customers. I was standing there waiting for my order when I found myself trapped in the middle of chattering Mokchiks who appeared betrayed by yesterday's game. One voiced out on how the team had performed very poorly while the others were pouring out the same level of disappointment and disapproval, topped with concerns over the supporters mischievous acts during the game. At another corner, a Mokchik sitting cross-legged among her fruits and vegetables was overheard, letting off barrages of destructive criticism against the common target. Coming from these Mokchiks, it was simply unbelievable ! Eheh ~

Bisso Mokchik !

Tock Sekkor Skeik Ghabouk ambo ~ !

( Gomo Mokchik Gomo !! )

I took off after I got my hand on packs of Nasik Kerghabu and Nasik Berlauk Ikae & Ayae, not quite in the mood to join the bashing party. To silently agree with them is already enough for me. To me, it's not a big deal really, provided that next year would be better ... faaaaar better ... ( I mean the football team, not the bashing party ).

I was driving home smiling, musing over the amusing incident at the market, when a car, coming from a junction on the left, signaled into my lane. So, I gave way and was immediately astonished by what I saw on the back of the car.

It was another addition to my Tock Sekkor Skeik Ghabouk list ....

..... only that, this one seems better ~ .... Waaaay better !

Aloh laa ~

Hok lagunimmo pun ado !?

Tock Sekkor Skeik Ghabouk ~ !


He he he ~

* Tock Sekkor Skeik Ghabouk ado hok berghaning ginimmo !

This my friend, is what Kelantanese would call, " Ngan-nying " ... ehehe ~

It is actually an " art " embraced by many, but understood by few and not
related anyhow to Kacang Ngan Yin Cap Tangan ! Probably the closest equivalent
would be "menganjing" as non-Kelantanese would ( probably ) say ... so I was told.

Either the driver is a true blue ( should I say, yellow ? ) proud " overseas "
Orghang Nogorghii expressing extreme joy ( at the wrong place ) which I somewhat
doubt, judging from the " D " registered vehicle ....

.... or just a plain, sarcastic way of venting frustration towards the Kelantan team
performance in the game.

Ha ha ha ~ whatever it might be, it was simply daring !

( it would be more surprising if the car managed to reach home in one piece ~ eheh )

Note :

Snapped at the Wakaf Siku Traffic Intersection / KB Mall Intersection, Jalan Sultan
Ibrahim while waiting for the light, on 8 Nov 2009 at 1000 hrs.



    " The fact that Kelantan fans cared enough about the Malaysian Cup to burn
    a few seats at the stadium and throw missiles at NS players is perhaps the only
    sign that Malaysian football is not dead.

    From : THE MALAY MALE : Kelantan Vs Rest Of World


    " Kelantan on Monday denied allegations that players had sold the match
    when playing against Negeri Sembilan in the Malaysia Cup final on Saturday.

    Kelantan team manager Azman Ibrahim said allegations that players had sold
    the match, or that head coach B. Sathianathan had failed to apply the right tactics
    or strategy, was totally uncalled for.

    From :

    BERNAMA : Kelantan Deny Allegations That Players Had Sold The Match

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