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FILLER ENTRY : “ Dekat Dekat Dengan Negeri KelanTAN ! ”



“Dekat Dekat Dengan Negeri KelanTAN !”


    “ Aik ? Harta Ismeth di luar negeri ! ”

    ” Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkestan, Hindustan .. Goheadgostan !? Negeri mana tu ~ ? ”

    “ Dekat dekat dengan negeri ~ Setan ! ”

    “ Negeri Setan pun Ismeth ada harta !? ”

    “ Congostan … Titistan … Popostan …. Tanjung Rambutan !!? ”

    From : Tan Sri P.Ramlee's Tiga Abdul ( 1964 )

When Sadiq Segaraga flipped past Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkestan, Hindustan, Goheadgostan and so on, he stopped at Tanjung Rambutan and closed the dossier ..

... without even mentioning " Kelantan " ....

Why ?

Why on Earth did he miss KelanTAN !?

When it's already so obvious !? Why !?

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !?

( no, I am not seeking a place in Tanjung Rambutan ... eheh ~ )

I often smiled when I watched that particular scene from Gemuloh Tan Sri P.Ramlee's Tiga Abdul ...

I, like many fellow Malaysians, are great admirers of his many genius works and despite the countless of reruns we had ( and are having ) on TV, I have not yet met a single person who claimed to have grown tired or disgusted by his somewhat witty films.

Every time this particular scene comes up ( I can't tell for how many thousand times already ... I have lost my count ! ), I can't help but wondering why didn't Gemuloh Tan Sri P.Ramlee ( appeared in the film as Abdul Wahub, son of Ismeth Ulam Raja ) did not come up with " Kelantan " when he cooked up the above famous, evergreen scene, together with Gemuloh Ahmad Nisfu ( as the crooked merchant, Sadiq Segaraga ) ?

Can't blame him since maybe Kelantan was not worth mentioning at least where comedy was concerned or perhaps it had been decided earlier that the character Ismeth does not own any property in Kelantan or most likely that Kelantan was simply anything but ... famous !

Well, speaking of being famous....

I was lurking through the Internet realm, looking for great stuffs to sink my curiosity in ( while preying on " copy and paste " parasites as well ... ) when I accidentally stumbled upon an interesting blog entry by a blogger who named himself as Penanam Sayur.

It might be trivial to most but for a proud Kelantanese like me, I know I should be really, really proud when the internationally renowned World Economic Forum ( yes, the same forum which Turkish PM, Erdogan walked out on Shimon Peres and the host ) picked up the iconic market scene of Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah as its 2009-2010 report cover !

Look at it yourself !

( many thanks to Penanam Sayur and his blog entry )

Ha ha ! Unmistakably ~ !

The mokchiks in their signature pose, unique and colourful attires, the spread of merchandise and all that ... where else in the World !? Isn't it great ?

I was told that, this particular corner of Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah in Kota Bharu, Kelantan is the most photographed market scene in Malaysia. There's no official source to support the claim but by checking out the Internet alone, one would easily agree to that. Now, the iconic scene is being featured on a cover of a report, assessed by millions around the globe and for that, I am certainly going to sleep well tonight thinking that Kelantan is now " famous " ~ he he he ... well, at least enough to convince and further strengthen my belief that some aspects of Kelantanese life do captivate and inspire many non-Kelantanese out there, in a way or another .... Maybe I should see it as more like, a recognition !

While I am proud by the Kelantanese " market scene achievement ", I can't help but feeling quite ironic upon realising that I am actually concerned and worried by current conditions of the " market scene " itself and its future. I wrote about it in my previous entries ( see them here and here ), touching on some issues that I believe, if not properly taken care of or place into consideration, might negatively affect this particularly special Kelantanese tradition in a long run. Some of which, are already showing signs of turning into things that I feared most ...

Apart from that, there are also many other related issues which I managed to bring to the attention of my readers through this site since the past few years, giving special emphasis to maintaining and continuing our beloved and highly prized Kelantanese traditions and identity. Things that I believe every Kelantanese should be proud of, should help to maintain, preserve and further encourage, instead of seeing them die off, either by our own hands or of someone else. Some, like the Kelantanese architectural treasures, are already much endangered and probably will not survive for the next generation to even realise their existence.

Of course there are some of this so called " Kelantanese identity " that we should do away with, but there are many more that we should maintain, preserve and further encourage, also be really proud of and boast to the whole World .. among which, the one that World Economic Forum had chosen for its prestigious report cover ...

To sum all these up, if all of us could somehow join hands, shoving all of our differences ( especially political ) under the carpet of oblivion, and work for the maintenance and resurgence of our unique Kelantanese pride and identity, there would be no surprise at all, that one day, when people from the land far far away, come asking on the whereabouts of Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Bali or even Singapore, the others will tend to say ....

“ Dekat Dekat Dengan Negeri KelanTAN ! ”

( or preferably .. " Dekak Dekak Nga Negerghii Kelaté ! " ~ )

Ha ha ha ha ~


A Dig Into The Past ....

For so long, Kelantanese women are known to be very independent and actively enganged in daily businesses and commercial activities. In the marketplaces, their aggresiveness surpassed that of their male counterparts, controlling and overseeing the flow of the trade even proved to be more industrious in many sectors.

This unique behaviour, which is absent among other Malays of the Peninsular, has been the subject of observation and discussion for already over a hundred of years, by many foreigners who came to the state. In this respect , Abdullah Munshi and W.A.Graham had the followings to say :

* Source :
Abdullah Munshi, " Kesah Pu-Layar-an Abdullah ben AbdulKadir Munshi deri Singapura ka-Kalantan "
( Singapore, 1838 ) through

* Source :
W.A.Graham, " Kelantan - A State of The Malay Peninsular "
( Glasgow, 1908 ) - The People, page 25


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