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Distinctively KeLaTte : A Tribute to Lado Solok ...


Distinctively KeLaTte :

A Tribute to Lado Solok ...


The latest in ' Distinctively KeLaTte ' series.

( .. and the last one was like more than a year ago ! )

When speaking of things unique to Kelantan, almost everything I posted here at this
site, is or at least supposed to be ' distinctively ' Kelantanese - in a way or another.

However, certain things are still more ' distinctive ' than the others .....


Here it is .... Lado Solok !

Dedicating the current entry to this one amazing ' hot babe '

( ... yang telah banyak berjasa kepada bangsa Kelantan ! Hehe ~ )

Well .. it might look like any normal green ' cili ' or ' lada ' or ' cabai ' to most non-market-going Malaysians out there but this particular type of chilli pepper is special and you won't find them anywhere else in Malaysia *, not even in the supposedly " semua ada " Kuala Lumpur !

A cultivar of Capsicum annuum unique to Kelantan and known locally as 'Lado Solok', for a reason to be explained later. The texture is crunchier than any other chilli normally found in the market, the crunchiness that somewhat comparable to that of bell pepper.

* There is however, to some extent, said to be found also in neighbouring Terengganu, probably introduced by the Kelantanese ~ The chilli itself is said to be brought into Malaysia ( Kelantan ) first, from neighbouring Southern Thailand ...

.... or is it the other way around ?

The reason to its name is simply for its well known and important role in ' Solok Lado ' - a simple but popular Kelantanese dish made from a combination of finely chopped fish meat and grated coconut flesh with some other ingredients, stuffed into the chilli ( only this kind, not just any kind! ) and cooked in coconut milk. Now, notice the 'word play' ? Lado Solok and Solok Lado ? Thus explaining how Lado Solok got its name ....

Speaking of Solok Lado, the dish could be easily found through out Kelantan, often as a side dish ( emmm ... a must to be exact ), to the more well known Nasi Kerabu and usually being sold at eateries and make-shift stalls by the roadsides. While Nasi Kerabu seems to be faring quite well outside its native Kelantan, in many places across Malaysia, its loyal companion - ' Solok Lado ' still struggles with an odd mate. Outside Kelantan, to compensate the absence of Lado Solok, the Kulai variety of green chilli is often used instead as a substitute, resulting a very poor Solok Lado ( in my personal opinion ) in both quality and appearance.

Besides Solok Lado, Lado Solok also regularly find its way into local dishes such as Ikae Singgae and Kelantanese fish / meat curry, often alongside ' kachae miyyor ' and ' terghoung ' or ' timung batae '... and as for me, I personally find sliced Lado Solok, together with slices of onion and lime wedges, to be a very toothsome combination that goes excellently well with my budu and kicap.

Kudos to Lado Solok !

A true Kelantanese pride !

Hahahaha ~

* Lada Solok is sold and could be found in abundance in the markets throughout Kelantan.

( Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah, Kota Bharu, Kelantan )

* A local Kelantanese farmer and his proud patch of Lada Solok.

( Kampung Banggol, Kota Bharu, Kelantan )

* Solok Lado in " actions "....

The image at the top is what true and authentic Solok Lado should look like.
Stuffed in Lado Solok that blended together very well with the filling when cooked.

While the two images beneath it, are some examples of ' improvised ' Solok Lado
using ' non-standard ' Lado Solok ( tak tergamak la plak aku nak kata ' sub-standard ! He he ~ )
as taken from the internet ( click image for the real source ).
Those are often found outside Kelantan, due to the absence of Lado Solok.

Trust me ... Solok Lado is Solok Lado only if it is made from Lado Solok !

* What I meant with " goes excellently well with my budu and kicap ".

Slices of Lado Solok in budu ( fish sauce, left ) and kicap ( soy sauce, right ).

* Oh ! Did I tell you that ....

... Lado Solok also makes excellent, crunchy lado jerghouk ( pickled chilli ) ?

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