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FILLER ENTRY : Surprise, Surprise, Surprise !



Surprise, Surprise, Surprise !


I was driving through town when I came across this newly put up tourism promo or advert ( or anything you wish to call it ), on a billboard located at Jalan Wakaf Mek Zainab - Jalan Post Office Lama junction.

Just a stone throw away from the well known Kilae Gaessaek.

What really surprised me is that image ..... of a house.

A quick glance and I sensed something very familiar.

So familiar, that when I looked at it again, I was so sure, without any doubt at all, that it was, what I initially think it was. I couldn't help grinning upon realising it.

The image, the angle of the shot, though looked very familiar, doesn't seem to come from any of my digital possessions. Simply put, it was neither mine nor I had anything to do with it. Still, I had this strong feeling that to come up with the image, someone must surely had gone through and took interest in what I previously wrote.

While it is great to see the house up there, it is however, quite ironic for the advert, promoting traces of old Kelantanese heritage still left in Kota Bharu, to display the magnificent century old timber structure, when it is no more to be found in Kelantan ... let alone in Kota Bharu !

Those who knows nothing about it, would certainly be led to believe that the structure is somewhere close by - as a part of local " warisan " ( heritage ), to be " jejak " ( traced & found ) in Kota Bharu. If so, it would be a misleading statement, an irony or worse, a sarcasm in disguise - in light of the ongoing demise of Kelantanese architectural treasures.

( or is it, " menjejaki semula warisan yang telah tiada " ? Ehehe .... )

Nevertheless, and to be fair, the move really deserves an applause, a truly praiseworthy effort - of course, provided that it lives up to its name and real objective, whatever it might be.

Hopefully, through such, there will be no more magnificent old Kelantanese architectural beauty kissing the ground, in this well reputed " Cradle of Malay Civilization ".


I was travelling one day, down Jalan Long Yunus from Tanjung Chat towards
Jalan Telipot, when I saw something bizarre, hanging on the lamp pole just outside Sekolah Kebangsaan Islah !!

No, not a Hantu Raya, not a lost Orang Lenggor or even Mat Rempit ....

Just another, commonly found anti-Aedes mosquito ( anti-Dengue fever ) campaign banner but with a very familiar touch :

Again, with no doubt, it was the HOUSE .... again.

This time I am truly sure where the person behind it, got the image from.

While I appreciate he or she who decided to publicize it, albeit in this manner,
I was quite disturbed as, upon closer inspection, the image was obviously taken from my site, of course, without my consent and permission.

Not even a photo credit !

Just in case if you don't believe me :


Travelling down the road from the town centre en route to Pantai Cahaya Bulan,
the sight that I always anticipate after crossing Sungai Keladi Bridge and upon reaching the Kampung Cina Roundabout, is an old Chinese family house, with a distinctive, old Kelantanese Chinese architecture.

Single wooden structure with wide, slanting long roof of Singhorra tiles - features representing the local Chinese culture which I find unique and enjoyable to look at.

But now, I think I am going to miss the wonderful sight ..... well, sort of ...

I have these love and hate relationships with billboards and banners.

To me, an excellent, creatively, brilliantly designed and wisely positioned billboard or banner is a great work of art, even giving a particular place, a unique identity to boast of.

But even an " excellent, creatively, brilliantly designed " one would prove inappropriate, useless or worse, an eyesore if little care was taken in placing it in public.

That I am afraid, if such activity is not properly monitored, Kota Bharu will definitely replace or at least challenge Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya or even Penang in terms of eyesore advertisement boards and banners ....

One of those things that I hope Kota Bharu would not turn into.


    " I HAVE noticed of late a significant proliferation in the putting up of
    billboards in Penang.

    A long stretch of billboards has been erected along Gurney Drive near
    Gurney Plaza.

    These boards are placed so near and so close to each other, they stand
    out like a sore thumb against the beautiful backdrop of the sea.


    These huge billboards and banners are such an eyesore at these tourist
    attraction areas and along these scenic routes ..... "

    Billboards An Eyesore In Penang - The Star Online : Tuesday, June 17, 2008.


    " Datuk Bandar Petaling Jaya, Datuk Roslan Sakiman berkata, pembekuan
    tersebut adalah bagi memudahkan kerajaan negeri mengenal pasti papan
    iklan yang mempunyai lesen dan sebaliknya.

    Selain itu, katanya, langkah itu juga adalah bagi menghindarkan kewujudan
    papan iklan yang tidak teratur sehingga mencacatkan pemandangan ... "

    Lesen Papan Iklan Baru di Petaling Jaya Dibeku - Utusan Online : 1 Ogos 2008.


Very recently, an acquaintance of mine had the family very old, ornate Cengal wood archway ( some say, a gateway ) - once proudly marking, adorning the entrance to a short pathway leading to his century old family house - sold to an antique collector for a sum far less than the price of a decent scooter.

For all these years, it stood there, by the roadside of Jalan Post Office Lama, as perhaps one of the last few remaining relics of pre-colonial Kelantan. A subject of awe and amazement for a young passer-by like me, who is easily amazed and proud with the fine workmanships of the past, shown on such remarkable pieces.

Now tucked away in an unknown location, in someone private collection, I feel sorry for it.

For not being able to educate the public,

like it silently did for all these years .....

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