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Tuesday, 1-May-2007 12:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
SIRI MAKLUMAN : Watch Your Wallet !


Behold !

Coming soon to your backyard

to strip you off your cash ....

and to strike terror
among those puny would be competitors.

Ha ha ha

( and yes, the town's people surely have something new to chat about now ! )

* Lembah Sireh, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

* Lembah Sireh, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Oh, and me ?

I am a not a big fan of shopping outlets
but to have some here and there that offer more choices and newer alternatives,
is undeniably pleasant.

But with more and more showing up
from local operators to foreign ones ( note : non-Kelantanese is considered foreign ! )
each taking a peek into my wallet and trying to seduce me into a never-before-experienced spending trance, in an attempt to control every grey matter that I own,

I have no idea whether I should be proud ....... or worried !

It's like having people coming to your ears, saying

" You need to have all these or they would call you backward "

and stuff ...

In the present day World
where what we own ends up owning us
and the word " development " is largely defined by material wealth
I never felt scared of changes more than what I feel right now ...

Let's not lose our grip, shall we ?

* Borrowed from : Dan Piraro at

Last but not least,


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UPDATED 6 MAY 2007 :

Even Westerners ( foreigners ) are surprised :

* Kota Bharu town centre with new set of high-rise buildings piercing the sky overhead.

Despite popular belief, Kelantan is never a sleepy state.
It is filled with life - life and soul of its own that only locals and those who wish to discover could understand. It is never void of economic activities and since the old days, there have been many economic links with the outside World. Only quite recently that it started to be pulled directly towards the mainstage and into the whole new global definition of " development ".

There have been suggestions to turn Kota Bharu into one of the main players in the regional economic growth project. The latest is having an oil pipeline laid between Kedah and Kelantan that would shake or even crumble Singapore's dominance. The following news excerpt seems to support such moves :

    " Kelantan offers ample opportunities in terms of new infrastructure requirements to support
    the increasing activities in the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area and potential O&G
    discoveries offshore Kelantan.

    “We favour the idea of setting up O&G infrastructure (supply base and petrochemical site) in
    Kelantan similar to that of Terengganu, as it is strategically located and could potentially
    become a regional base for Malaysia-Thailand-Vietnam O&G activities,” Aseambankers said.

* Quoted from " All eyes on eastern corridor" by Elaine Ang, The Star Online - 30 April 2007

The point is,
it is always good to have something new, something changing
but only if they benefit our PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE ... with the past benefiting the present and the present benefiting the future and vice versa - mutually and fairly contributes to each other.

But on top of that,
are we ready ?

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" Consumerism is the greatest device
anyone has invented for controlling people.
New fantasies, new dreams and dislikes, new souls to heal.
For some peculiar reason, they call it shopping."

~ J.G. Ballard ( Kingdom Come ) ~

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