By: RaY KinZoKu

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Thursday, 20-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark's just... AMAZING !!

..after !! ...
..and soon after that..
A windy and silent night..
..and suddenly...
..I dunno "daylight" comes that fast.. hhehhe
..and it went away that fast too..
..I love when it rains in Malaysia (but not the monsoon), and it did rain in Japan too but something was missing.. .When I was in Japan, there was hardly any lightning... I did hear some thunders back in Japan but I didnt see any lightning.. I wonder why .. but one thing for sure, rain in Japan doesn't resemble like that of Malaysia !! While it showers all day long in Japan whenever it rains, in Malaysia, rain falls suddenly like cats n dogs for an hour or so, with ocassional thunderstorms.. So the story goes when Kelantan ( Kota Bharu, where I am currently living) went into this transformation, from a continuous, long 2 months draught (no rain, hot days) to days with thunderstorm in the evening... Ironically, the name "Kelantan" itself means "Land of Lightning".. ( from the world " Kilatan ", I dunno how far this is true, I read it from a reliable source somewhere... Maybe that explains why the Kelantanese call their state as "Kelate" not "Kelante", i.e maybe "Kelantan" is a corrupted version of "Kilatan" ?? hehheh ) .. Emm... bukan nak citer pasal kilat kat Kelate sebab kat tempat lain kat Msia pun banyak kilat, cuma nak bagitau yang sebenarnya kilat kat Msia nih unik, bila aku duk kat Jepun jer baru realised that kilat mcm kt Msia takder kat Jepun.. hhehe... emm lebih-lebih lagi, just now sebab dah lama tak hujan, tetiba bayu dingin bertiup, kilat sabung menyabung sambil diiringi guruh, aku plak duk kat luar rumah amik angin (it's cool whenever it rains, such a great treat for a steamy hot country like Msia ), sambil tuh sempat amik gambar kilat.. hehhe... nasib baik tak jadi mcm satu kes baru2 nih, emm 3 tahun tak alami suasana gini, however, like I said, it amazes me, imagine the rush of energy, so great that it gives "daylight" to the night sky, and it's just AMAZING !

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