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Sunday, 28-Jan-2007 12:10 Email | Share | Bookmark
SIRI MAKLUMAN : Taking Shape

Nota Penulis :
Sekadar secebis makluman
kepada mereka yang jasadnya di kejauhan
tetapi hatinya tertinggal di Kota Bharu.

Shot : August 2005

Shot : January 2007

Photos Caption :

The Pelangi Condo & Mall project taking shape after nearly 2 years of construction ( not counting the one year delay ). A bit slow in pace compared to the later built KB Mall. The upper structure being the Condo while the lower parts for shop lots and a shopping mall, with sides overlooking the Kelantan River and the ever expending Kota Bharu town.

What you are looking at is not just a building under construction but also a river side waterfront in the making, said to be similar to that of Kuching, stretching from Lembah Sireh, to the Tambatan D'Raja. In other words, the town will get a newer and majestic look soon.

One of those people involved in the river side development projects is this guy I know from Cybernistan ( that is the Internet from my own book of terms). So, if you have any further question on the project, just rain him with lots of them .. he he .. and dont ask me, I know nothing !

As for the river side area, until a decade ago, it was the liveliest shopping district in Kota Bharu ( in fact, most of the town's oldest establisments could be found by or very close to the river ). Fast food eateries, cinema, supermarkets, shophouses and a hotel used to thrive in the area and its surroundings. When Jalan Pintu Pong / Parit Dalam / Padang Garong got developed and transformed into a new, much better commercial district, the river side area was slowly deserted and businesses started to diminish or slowing down to "siput sedut speed". Panggung Lido, " Taman Serendah Sekebun Bunga " (?), Hankyu Jaya, Parkson Ria, The Store ceased to exist ..... and the latest being the Jalan Tok Hakim McDonald's.

By the look, once completed, the sleepy area would probably regain its past popularity.
Though KB Mall seems much better in overall design but by location, I think I would prefer the river side !
One thing for sure, there will be more shopping outlets coming up.

Btw, I heard and read somewhere that TESCO will be coming to town too. I wonder where will that be ? Emmm ... while it is always good to have more choices, I am always worried of the setbacks ...especially the effects to the local businesses.

Whatever the outcome, I am hoping the very best for Kota Bharu, with barakah..... and by the way, it is not like Kuala Lumpur, we are aiming to be.

To be unique is.

( and of course, sorry for the blurry pics. You see, I am in dire need of a REAL camera )


( as a reply to bokbong's comment )
Recent developments in Kota Bharu, most if not all, seem to focus more on the flood factor i.e adapting to the flood rather than escaping it ( if you watch the anime One Piece, it's somewhat like the Aqua Laguna of Water 7 .. he he ).
So, as you can see here,
the base of the building is raised to a level that even the worst recorded flood in history won't reach the commercial floor ( wallahu a'laam .. ). A nearby car and an old pre-war building, would help you with the comparisons.

Btw, I am currently working on an entry on Kota Bharu and the flood factor ( in relation to the recent events in Johor etc ). Will be up soon ....


Yoi O -Toshi Wo, Kota Bharu Sama ~


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