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Sunday, 31-Dec-2006 23:59 Email | Share | Bookmark
On Flesh & Blood ~


10 Zulhijjah 1427 H,
the the last day of December 2006.

The monsoon lost its spell today.
The morning Sun shined brilliantly and the sky was remarkably blue.
The morning air too, was 23 C on my dual-sensor electronic thermometer ( brought all the way from Japan ), amazingly cool for a normal 25 ~ 26 C Kota Bharu tropical morning.

A very fine day I would say.

Allahu akbar,
Allahu akbar,
Allahu akbar ..... wa Lillahil hamdu

May your Hajj and Sacrifices are well accepted by the God Almighty.

A very fine day indeed.


A typical scene during Aidil Adha ( or Eid ul Adha ) in Kelantan, a family slicing up of what is left from a sacrified cow.

A part had already gone to charity ( which is compulsory ) and seen here are the leftovers, the part which is lawful to be consumed by the family and relatives.

Aidil Adha is probably much felt in Kelantan, compared to other parts of Malaysia.
Besides the large Muslim population and the countless number of mosque continuously reciting special takbir for three straight days, the abundance of livestock along with the presence of many experienced practitioners ( for the sacrificial rite ) had contributed much to the festive mood in Kelantan. Even the bustling streets of Kota Bharu sleep well on Aidil Adha !

Even though I am not a fan of red meat, such occasional treat especially in the form of ajok makae ( ajak makan ) or even ngekkoh ( kenduri aqiqah ), spending time feasting with family and friends, is undeniably enjoyable !


Well, well .... 2007 eh ?

Wow, it has been three years since I first started photoblogging.
Great God ! Three years of frying my eye balls with radiations from my PC screen !

What started as a very personal thing
turned out to be a total devotion to my birthplace.
Weird maybe, but that's the way things turned out here.

Day by day,
the more I found out about Kelantan and the more I write about it,
the more I fell in love with it, the more I got stuck with it.

Ha ha ha .. maybe I am just trying too hard.
Sooner or later I have to or shall do away with this for good. Only time will tell.
Besides, at this critical point of my life, there should be no more room for wishful thinkings.

But one thing for sure,
no matter what shall I decide or where shall I go,
or where shall I dwell or even what shall become of me after this

I assure you that every strip of my flesh
and every trickle of blood running deep in my vein

will forever be
RED ....


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