By: RaY KinZoKu

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Sunday, 5-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I know what I did last weekend...

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..the very same thing that I did the weekend before that... huuhh.. I need a life..

Background Song : Kimi Ga Suki by Mr. Children *

" ...Moshi mo mada negai ga hitotsu kanau to shitara... " ( If only I could have just one more wish granted ) , from Mr. Children : Kimi Ga Suki, click for song translation..

* (as on Sept 5th 2004 : New Entry = New Background Song )

Thursday, 2-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
After six controversial years..

..foto dr internet..
..he is now a free man.. at least for the time being...

Tuesday, 31-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nippon ReVisited : ~ Otsukaresama deshita ~

Kansai Airport departure hall..
..Malaysian Airlines, smaller than the one I saw at Narita.. aircraft nearby ready for take off...
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After about 10 days in Japan, and I finally went back to Malaysia on August 29th. Instead of taking a train, a friend of mine who also happens to be my junior, sent me to Uehommachi to catch a bus for Kansai Airport... To Fly, doumo arigato ! At the airport, checked in my luggage and stayed inside the departure hall for about 2 hours before boarding time. It was really boring to be alone, but the free internet service set-up by the airport admin. really helped me killing my time. I wonder why KLIA couldn't set-up the same internet service at the departure hall ? It really helps lonely traveller like me .. emm.. The flight from Osaka to KLIA took 6 hours. Reached KLIA at 1800. But, my transit flight to Kota Bharu was at 2230 and I had to wait for another boring 4 hours, lingering around, alone... and like I said, a free internet service like that of Kansai might help tho... It was really a tiring trip . And what can I conclude is, I realised that going on a trip as a student is far different than going on a business trip for the company (I felt a bit stress there), however, it was quite nice and minasan, taihen otsukaresama deshita ....

*Minasan, taihen otsukaresama deshita => "minasan" = to everyone, " taihen " = really, "otsukaresama deshita" = a greeting often said to each other when a job, work, activity etc is done. Often said between colleagues, be it at school or at work..

Background Song : Kurumi by Mr Children *
(as on 31st August 2004 entry )

Monday, 30-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nippon ReVisited : ~ Natsukashii Ano Koro ~

I used to cycle along this road to school..
..this used to be my "house"..
..funny, after 5 months, my old fridge still there...
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"Natsukashii Ano Koro", or simply and closely translated, " Oh, those nostalgic days.." A day before I took my flight back to Malaysia, I took a Shinkansen (Bullet Train) northward, from Fukuyama (in Hiroshima-ken) to Shin-Osaka (in Osaka-fu).. No, I dont skip work but it happened that my work ended on Friday and I took the train early Saturday morning and my flight was on Sunday, from Kansai Airport which is in Osaka.. Higashi Osaka (in Osaka, literally means "East Osaka") was the city where I went to school for 3 years, and just returned back to Malaysia about 5 months ago.. Only 5 months huh? I expected that Higashi Osaka will stay the same as 5 months ago at the time I reach there but I was wrong. For a well developed country like Japan, "sitting still" is a waste of precious time and money and then I started to realise that life in Japan moves with a great pace, faster than that of Malaysia... Looks like the "cash" in Japan really got distributed very well among the people..No wonder, there are many middle class ppl in Japan than the upper and lower class..emm.. So, I was in Higashi Osaka for a day, went to my old school, met and went out with my juniors, little shopping at a nearby 100 yen shop & discount store and of course, played with some emotions, leftovers of my bygone days...

Sunday, 29-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nippon ReVisited : ~ Kako ni modotta ~

The garden & castle layout..
..the outer wall..
..heading to the entrance..
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"Kako ni modotta" or roughly translated, "Returned To The Past" ... My Japanese office-mate asked me to join him for some "Udon" eating-out (read, "eating-frenzy" ), and I told about that in my previous entry. I went with him into Kagawa-ken in Shikoku (one of Japan's four main islands ; Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku & Kyushu) then back to Okayama (in Honshu).. At Okayama, spent some time at the Okayama Castle (Okayama-jyo) and the famous Japanese Garden, the Kou-Raku-En.. said to be one out of three Japan's Famous Traditional Garden.. Hundreds of years of history, beautifully and carefully maintained... If only Malaysians could practise the same attitude towards old buildings & landscapes..emmm...

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