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Sunday, 12-Dec-2004 15:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kota Bharu: Venice of the East

Taken in April 2004..
..and on the 12 Dec 2004..
Bangunan Tabung Haji & road to Padang Bas..
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No one had expected that this season's monsoon finally turned Kota Bharu streets into instant waterways, exactly like it used to be 10 years ago, with water level ranging from ankle deep to chest-deep ..

And not only the town of Kota Bharu but the entire East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia region is currently submerged by flood water. And today, after the river began to overflow yesterday afternoon, at Kota Bharu, the locals took to the flooded streets, emptied from cars by advancing flood water, for a rare, once every few years, muddy water fiesta !

Even the hawkers joined the fiesta ! Some even cruised the "waterways" with boats.. emm.. how "Venice" like !

What the news says:

The Star 13 Dec 2004: Thousands evacuated in the East Coast states

Berita Harian 13 Dec 2004: Hampir seluruh bandar Kota Bharu banjir

Utusan Malaysia 13 Dec 2004: " Banjir terburuk Kelantan sejak 15 tahun "

*please proceed to PAS Kelantan gallery and Rabby's fotopage for more Kota Bharu flood photos.

*However, for those whose lives suffered due to this flood, my deepest sympathy and condolences, including to my friends & officemates involved, I pray for your recoveries ....

Background Song
( dedicated to Kota Bharu, which is now " lost " for a while due to the flood ) :

Itoshi Kimi He by Moriyama Naotarou

Ne~ Itoshi kimi yo, itoshi kimi yo, doko ni iru no?
( Oh, dear, where are you ? )
Ima sugu ai ni kite hoshii ~
( I want you to come to me now )
Tatoe sore ga maboroshi demo ~
( Even if I it is only vision of you)

Saturday, 11-Dec-2004 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Annual Flood of Kota Bharu...

Flags dancing in the violent wind..
No rain, only heavy clouds+strong wind..
Once a year fiesta..
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For a tropical country like Malaysia, this annual occurance is called "Monsoon", and unlike Typhoon, it is resulted when winter in Northern Hemisphere created high atmospheric pressure which then turns into strong flow of air moving down to the low-pressured Southern Hemisphere, bringing along rainclouds. So, the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia happens to be along its way and when this Northeast Wind hits land, heavy torrential rain will come, usually non-stop for days and last from November till March.

So it rained non-stop days before, but 3 days ago, the rain stops. Only rainclouds (even the Sun is nowhere to be seen) and strong winds, with mercury drops 7 Celcius below daily average. However, in the interiors, rain poured heavily down the mountainous range. And today, the mighty Kelantan River started to discharge excessive water it had carried all the way from the deep interiors, into the streets of Kota Bharu which lies very close to the river. By the time I took these photos, the town was just getting flooded and the water level was on the rise. It also seems that this town might turn into "Venice of the East" soon, like it used to be 10 years ago, when streets turned into waterways which only boats could pass through. The last great flood was like 10 years ago but due to dramatic climatic changes (El Nino, Green-House Effect etc), there were no heavy floodings after that. The current one is perhaps still too early to conclude tho. Still, this phenomenon is not a curse but a real blessing to the state of Kelantan. It gives nutrients to the river delta which put smiles to farmers' face besides replenishing the corals and fishes of the South China Sea with foods, brought to their doorsteps, courtesy of the ages old annual flood .

Background Song : Tsunami by Southern All Stars (Kuwata Keisuke)

Sunday, 5-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
PENANG : - Nihon-Go Nouryoku Shiken Ikkyuu -

Sampai je kat Gelugoq, pagi2 dah bawak pi kedai mamak..iskk..
...bertolak ke test site..
..Disted College in the background, depan St. Georges school..
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Translated, "Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1", a well known test among those who wish to further their studies to Japan, for a non-Japanese nationale only, consists of 4 different test levels, with Level 4 being the lowest (beginner) and Level 1 for the ..err..native speaker wanna-be?
As for the Level 1 (as quoted from the test booklet) :
The examinee has mastered grammar to a high level, knows around 2,000 Kanji and 10,000 words, has an integrated command of the language sufficient for life in Japanese society, providing a useful base for study at a Japanese university. This level is normally reached after studying Japanese for around 900 hours.

My last visit to Penang (for Japanese visa application) had brought me back to Penang once again, but this time, for a payback ! I went to Japan 3 years ago with my Level 2 certificate. Most national universities in Japan require Level 1 qualification for entrance while most private universities prefer to see how much you got in your pocket instead However, since university entrance in Japan requires science & math exams too, this Japanese Language requirement can somehow be bent if you could pass those papers (which, ironically, of course requires you to have a good command of Japanese to understand the questions )....or if you are a foreign government sponsored student. Kalu ada kawan yg biasiswa krjaan yang sdang belajar kat Jepun, try laa tanya, derang lulus Level berapa ?

So, I went to Penang, took the test at a private college (Disted College?) used by the Japanese Society as for this year test site, along with this good old Penangite friend, a proud owner of a rare Honda Accord SiR-T , Mr. Aris Nizam (like me, he's also a Japanese grad.). There were three different set of papers/tests, which required about 4 hours to complete. So I did my best and they promised me the result as late as March next year..Dah berkarat dah kepala, tapi konfiden bley lulus tetap ada.. Insya Allah... Pastuh, tumpang makan kenduri kat umah jiran si Aris, pastuh makan plak angin kat Penang nih, kenyang btol laa.. pi Batu Feringghi, pi beli Jeruk Balik Pulau, pi Empangan Teluk Bahang, round2 Georgetown, usha-usha anak mammi etc.. Pendek kata, macham macham adaaaa..... * ( *baca ikut sebutan pakcik Astro ).
Aper2 pun, thanks so much to Aris sebab kasi luangkan masa dia dan mileage keter "baru & mahal" dia tapi satu jer kesilapan besar yang Mr. Aris lakukan yang aku kesali ==> dia tak kasi aku try bawak keter dia ..iskk

Akhir kata, kerja sambil belajar memang best, sebab kasi exercise otak supaya tak berkarat.. emm.. terfikir nak ambik Mandarin writting & conversation classes gak, tapi kat Kota Bharu nih kat ner? Ader aper2 cadangan?

Click here for bigger size..

Background Song : Jinsei by BARGAINS

" Jinsei mada mada korekara sa ~ ! Nintai yo doryoku yo ! Sono choushi sude ni sekai wa anata no te no naka yo ~ ! "
( There's still lot to come in this life. With perseverance and effort, the world is already in your hand )

Sunday, 28-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kereta Oh Kereta : Dari Jepun ke Malaysia...

Checklist dr MITI for AP application
Helaian ke-2 checlist
Contoh surat masuk U
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Since there were requests from certain ppl berkenaan proses bawa pulang kenderaan dr Jepun, I decided to post this topic, khas utk kohai yg berangan2 nak bawak balik kereta. Nih baru starting, nanti banyak lagi akan menyusul sbg pedoman dr yg telah lalui kepada yang bakal melalui ...

"Every single man or woman who has stood their ground, everyone who has fought an agent has died. But where they have failed, you will succeed."

(Note: Morpheus talking to Neo in The Matrix )

Different with this case,
the likeness of the "agent" above, in this case will be those ppl trying to get your attention to use their service to bring your car back to Malaysia, u may or may not hire or depend on them (to some extent), but the most important thing is u must be careful and do business with them wisely. What I am trying to share with you from now on might be useful in drawing your own route as they are based on what those before you had "fought" (experienced) and had "failed" (mistakes done which cost precious time + money),

"But where they have failed, you will succeed " ...

(Sebarang pertanyaan / request, sila ajukan di ruangan komen or private message)

Background Song : Squall by Matsumoto Eiko

(a song actually by Fukuyama Masaharu, given new breath by Matsumoto Eiko)


It has been four (4) years since I left Japan and it has been four (4) years since these information, proved workable.

I have no idea what are the current regulations and requirements or anything related to it. One thing for sure, after all those years, I doubt mine is still relevant. Note that, I AM NOT in this " industry " ...

So, my dear visitors,
you can freely refer my notes or post questions here if you wish to do so ...

but I won't answer or entertain the latter, any more ...

Go ryoushou kudasai .... 

Friday, 19-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Jalan jalan Hari Raya: Melancong ke Toe O'Burn

To`Uban lah, bukan Tok O'Burn..
..remnant from the colonial era..
..go down this one, u may reach Gemas..
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.. pegi beraya ke rumah rakan bernama "Ise" ( Pliz find Ise here and his Honda Integra here ) di To' Uban, kira-kira 20km redah jalan kampung gaya Camel Trophy , dari simpang jalan utama Pasir Mas - Tanah Merah.. Even tho I used to travel using the rustic, nostalgic and least taken care of, 1930s-built East Coast KTMB railway down to / up from Kuala Lumpur, I didn't realise that the railway cuts through this small village called To' Uban. No wonder the village train station looks deserted.. Kat sini ada Danau To' Uban, a natural lake, famous among the locals, that has no relation of any sort with the famous Indonesian Danau Toba

Background Song : Squall by Fukuyama Masaharu

*More great songs from Fukuyama Masaharu, click here for Sakurazaka and Sore ga subete sa

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