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Tuesday, 28-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

A lonely footstep on the white sandy beach of Batu Ferringhi, taken on 5th December 2004, when I was in Penang, for my Level 1 Japanese test.
The beach was nice, filled with activities and the waves were calm, even far calmer and gentler than the waves of the East Coast.
But no one had expected that at noon, 26th December 2004, it became the opposite.

"No disaster befalls in the earth, or in yourselves, but it is in a book before We bring it into existence -- surely that is easy to Allah"
( The Holy Quran; 57:22 )

" We (God) will surely test you through some fear, hunger, and loss of money, lives, and crops. Give good news to the steadfast "
( The Holy Quran; 2:155 )

My heart goes to those who lost their loved ones in recent tragedy, and solemnly pray for the departed souls.. May they rest in peace..

See tsunami in action as it hit the BATU FERRINGHI beach at high noon, exactly at the same spot where I onced sat and took a break with a friend on my Penang Trip last 5th Dec 2004. In this tragedy, about 52 people died in Penang alone out of 67 death recorded in Malaysia so far.


View an animation showing the creation of the Southeast Asia Tsunami.

See a tragic movie of 2 unlucky elderly tourists as they vanished in the tidal waves (Phuket)

More 26th Dec 2004 Tsunamis video HEREor HERE

Sunday, 26-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

My personal experience with earthquake was in 2003 when I was in Osaka, Japan.
It was very small really, furnitures and the entire apartment building which I lived in just shook lightly for a few seconds.

But on the 26 Dec morning, around 10:00 am, currently in my hometown, I noticed the chandeliers swung slowly exactly like what I saw happening to my belongings back in Japan during the minor earthquake.
I dismissed it as an earthquake since Malaysia is considerably safe from earthquake especially this part of Malaysia (Malay Peninsular, East Coast). However, the evening news proved that it was indeed an earthquake. Not in Malaysia but just next door !

It was indeed terrible.
An underwater earthquake just off the coast of Acheh, a northern Sumatran province (Indonesia) had gone off with 8.9 reading on the Richter scale at the epicentre. The aftershocks around Andaman Islands (between Myanmar and Indonesia) brought more bad news.
The price?
Currently 11, 000 mainly in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and even some in Thailand and Malaysia are found dead and the numbers are still rising.
The cause?
Not building rubbles, fallen broken glasses, or traffic accidents but TSUNAMI !
Ironically, Malaysians never expected Tsunamis to come to their shores.

The Shockwave reached Kelate

View slideshow of the disaster here

Background song: TSUNAMI by Southern All Stars

Monday, 20-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Percayalah, anda tidak "MACHO" sekiranya...

Nissan Skyline R33
Nissan Skyline R34
Nissan Silvia S14
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Cakap pasal kereta dan lelebih lagi baru sahaja terbaca satu "isu" dalam mailing list ASIA SEED (satu badan yang ada menguruskan sebilangan penuntut Malaysia di Jepun) , dapat disimpulkan bahawa sekarang ramai di kalangan rakan/kenalan di bumi negara Matahari Terbit, mostly para students sekalian sedang ghairah menekan pedal minyak kereta masing-masing yang hebat-hebat, di jalan raya Jepun yg best itu.

Aku yakin korang mampu beli ( walaupun kat Msia, korang tak mampu ).
Aku yakin korang handal bawak kereta (kalu tak pandai, baik kayuh beskal jer la! )
Aku juga yakin korang perasan diri korang tu MACHO bila bawak kereta sports.

Nissan Skyline R33 (or even R34!), Nissan Silvia S14 (or even S15!?), Mazda RX7 (RX8 dah ada bdak beli ka?), Honda Integra DC2 (ada yg dah beli DC5 ka?), Toyota Supra, Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (mampu ke beli Evo 6 and above?) or even Honda Civic / Accord V-Tec, just name it tapi percayalah, walaupun se"drifter" mana pun lagak anda, anda masih tidak boleh dianggap "MACHO" memandu kenderaan tersebut sekiranya..

1) Anda masih lagi memandu pakai lesen international walhal anda tahu bahawa benda tu dah tak laku kat Jepun.

2) Memandu kenderaan lengkap ber"shaken" dan ber"jibaiseki" tetapi takder "nin-i hoken"

So, demi kebahagian anda serta agar diiktiraf sebagai "drifter" atau "road-racer" yg macho, sila lah pastikan anda memiliki lesen memandu Jepun dan "nin-i hoken".

On Japanese Driving License, this one is very good, a site specially developed for "gaijin"s (derogative word used by some Japanese when referring to foreigners ) who would like to drive legally in Japan.
Sebarang kemusykilan (or tak puas ati ), sila ajukan komen atau mesej peribadi anda kepada saya. Insya Allah, boleh tolong.

*Shaken - sejenis sijil pemeriksaan kenderaan dikeluarkan oleh kerajaan Jepun, yg membuktikan kenderaan anda selamat dan "fit" utk dipandu atas jalan raya. Wajib dimiliki.
*Jibaiseki - sejenis insurans third party yg ada limit boleh claim. Wajib untuk setiap pemilik kenderaan.
*Nin-i Hoken - sejenis insurans kenderaan yg cover first and third party, tiada had untuk claim. Tidak wajib diambil tapi sangat penting sbb malang tak berbau. Seperti "jibaiseki", dikeluarkan oleh syarikat insurans.

*Photos are some type of cars which most Msian students prefer to have and bring back to Malaysia, courtesy from Auction page.
*" Cool cat owns his own Japanese driving license " image taken from here

Saturday, 18-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Reformasi !

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Reformasi kereta. Hujung-hujung minggu begini, molek bawak kereta pegi cat bumper supaya kasi sama kaler ngan body, baru laa ngam (kot?).. Sebelum tuh kena cabut and put aside mana2 yang boley kacau kerja mengecat and seblom antar kena amik gambar dulu, takut2 nanti bawak pegi Honda bila bawak balik karang, jadi Wira plak.. iskk

UPDATED 20th DEC 2004:
Berjaya gak kije mengecat tuh siap slps 2 hari tinggal kat bengkel. Photos already added and as shown.

Background Song : Langgam Pak Dogo by M. Nasir
(streaming ihsan dr site ini, may take a while to start streaming )

Kalau sudi, klik di sini untuk Kuliah Jumaat oleh Tuan Guru Menteri Besar Kelantan, in Kelantanese dialect ...

Tuesday, 14-Dec-2004 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kota Bharu Flood: The Aftermath..

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The worst flood since 10 yrs ago (some say 15 yrs, another says 20 yrs) has finally receded today, leaving pools of shallow muddy water scattered across the town. The yellowish mark left on the old palace walls tells roughly the flood water level. However,the mud and rubbish of all sorts which can be seen almost everywhere, probably brought all the way down from inhabitants/towns in the interior, show the real aftermath when flood struck. On my way home, I ventured into the reviving town. Stopped by and snapped some photos. Saw peoples washing, tidying up their houses/premises, slowly getting back to their normal lives like it was 3 days before. But the monsoon itself is far from over. Who knows that it might come back for another surprise? Still, the locals, got used to this for years, seem to care less .....

From the news:
Utusan Malaysia 15 Dec 2004: Jangan jadikan bencana banjir pesta air - Najib

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